What’s your excuse today?

Money? Work? Relationship? No time to plan? No time to go? Thinking of the mountain of work upon your return just doesn’t seem worth it.

Getting out of your comfort zone is important. Realizing you’re a tiny speck in this giant world is beautiful. Giving your brain a break will generally make your work life better. So for you, and your employment

Let me Help you Plan your next trip!

I want to help anyone and everyone use every single second of their MANDATORY vacation days. It kills me to know that there are insanely high percentages of people that are not using their vacation days, or simply leaving them for doctors appointments or errands of sorts. Let’s change the pace, have you looking forward to the next trip, or adventure, however big or small. Read about my backstory HERE to see why I’m starting this!

Contact me!

Let’s plan your next trip. From start to finish I can help you to book every flight, accommodation, transport and provide you with an itinerary so detailed you won’t have to worry about a thing. Moreover, if you want some wiggle room I can tone it back and give you ongoing assistance as you travel. You will never feel stuck or alone because I will be one message away from the second you leave to the second you return.

Let’s stop looking at the reasons not to travel, and realize the important reasons you need to!