Be More than a Tourist

Tips for being a traveler!

Do you want to always have the next trip planned, live life working in many different countries, houses and have friends from all over the world?

Be more than a tourist or vacationer, with these tips you can start to break out from the things that are locking you into your daily routine and stopping you from booking the next flight to wherever the dart lands !

  1.  Avoid monthly payments and contracts: 

As I paid hundreds of dollars each month to my Canadian landlord while I was thousands of miles away in Australia I realized I made a mistake. If you want to travel long term try to have a home base – preferably free – for the short returns to your home town and a place to keep any larger items/furniture you’ve got to your name. Parents or close friends are perfect for this, if you’re anything like me than signing a lease wont stop you from jumping on the next plane when opportunity arises, it simply means it loses you a lot more money. While a rental agreement seems like the big one, and maybe more obvious, one that all you millennial’s need to think of is the phone plans. Buying your phones outright are much more money upfront but having them unlocked from your provider and plan will make your phone as free as you’re soon to be.

2. No Pets

They say pets have more compassion in them than most humans, and while I believe that to be true, as a traveler they make everything more difficult. If you’re planning to do international travelling having a pet will make accommodation and transport limited and more expensive. My best advice is to take on the role of doggy aunt/uncle to your favourite fur ball and let someone else be tied down by them. Don’t worry about missing your animal friends as travelling gives you endless opportunities to meet all the animals of your wildest dreams – at a safe distance of course. I’ve played with monkeys and camels in India, watched bison’s butt heads in America, grizzly bears take care of their cubs in Canada, Sea turtles and manta rays swim through the South Pacific, and cuddled with koalas and kangaroos in the great down under.

3. Drop your strong beliefs

This may seem extreme, possibly even rude, but let me explain. The world is an incredible place and each country, religion, culture etc has faced their battle in order to survive. Some of these battle are of course the ones we learn about in school, those of the great world wars and poverty, others battle with mother nature to even exist. Indonesia is currently facing their fifth major natural disaster this year, and faces volcano eruptions, earthquakes and tsunami’s annually. Religions have faced their own struggle surviving in an ever changing cultural world, and being tainted with negative practicing cults and terrorist groups. As a traveler you can learn more than school will ever teach you when it comes to history, and it is a beautiful thing to discover. Your part in all this is to go in with an open mind, listen and respect other peoples cultures and religions and be aware that it is very important to them. You can have your beliefs, but do not push them on others or try to change people to your western ways. This expands to accepting that 58 countries still practice polygamy, over 5 major religions support animal sacrifice rituals, and the fact that women continue to fight for major rights; it wasn’t until this June, 2018, that women in Saudi Arabia could legally drive. You don’t have to agree with others, nor conform but keep your mouth shut, let them live their lives as you live yours as you choose.

4. Don’t date a homebody

I have no intention of breaking anyone up but if you’re planning to travel long term it is essential you look at your relationships. If you’re in a relationship, keep an open conversation about your need to travel and your long term desires to see the world. If you are dating a homebody and this is all clear then in an unfortunate but ideal world you will both come to the terms that dating will not work at this time. If your significant other is consistently telling you not to drop your responsibilities and has a well-established life that they would like you to fit in, in a fixed location, run. Trying to do long distance while you explore the world and they realm in the “adventure” of Netflix is exhausting and will not last. Every day you will find time to talk but you’ll find yourself toning down just how great the world is as its overwhelming when your partners only updates are about their bosses new shirt on casual Friday or about a new dance they’ve unlocked on Fortnight. Now don’t get me wrong, once upon a time a homebody was looked at poorly, but now in the age of technology, Netflix and chill is considered a hobby and the world of gaming and youtubing is a profitable business, homebodies are running the world. However, if you want to book the next flight to Africa and have dreams of reaching Antarctica or have seriously debating climbing to one of mt Everest’s base camps than my best advice is to have all the homebody friends your heart desires, but don’t try to complicate your travels with dating them.

5. Stop Planning

Seriously. Stop. Travelling long term means there are thousands of opportunities for your plans to be ruined. My solution.. have less plans. Choose your destination, find out where you’ll stay when you get there, how long you THINK you’ll be there and what transportation options are available to you. Do NOT book your bus from the airport, flights get delayed all the time, do not pre-book your transportation to your next location, you may want to stay longer or shorter than you thought and do not book every hostel or hotel months in advance as once you’re there people will be full of information and you will learn yourself which type of accommodation you prefer. Things will go wrong, they always do, try to look at the silver lining and keep stress levels low. Especially when travelling with friends try to be positive and don’t feed off each other’s stress or no one will be happy. Laugh at the things you can’t change, take late trains or buses as excuses to soak up a little more of your current destination, dance in the rain even if inevitably you’re lost or running through fields to get the last boat off the island, and be confident that it will all be okay. Seriously, you got this.

Over planning kills magic!

Feel free to give me a message for any help getting through the pre-stages of your new life of adventure!

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