Don’t Think, Just Jump!

Advice given to me while standing on a ledge much to high to be jumping off of, tied up like a tether ball to a structure I now relied my life on. In Cains, Australia I experienced my first bungee jump and I don’t have a single regret !

I recall that day for its excitement and adrenaline but when I think hard about it I questioned my decision to do it and there was definitely a level of fear leading up to and certainly the seconds before the jump. Following your passion and your heart can feel a lot like jumping off that tower. Leading up to it people will be excited for you, but there’s always those few thoughts of your and others that will throw doubt and fear into you. There are risks with what you’re doing, there are risks with leaving your house every day. You know that. To wake up and take the risk of getting hurt in a car crash on your way to a job you’ve never liked and never will like seems like a much more pointless risk than taking the risks for a chance to find yourself, find love of the world or it’s people and find your happiness. If you’re not going to get anything out of the risk, don’t take it. If it’s the only way you’re going to fulfill your dreams, then better get your ass on that ledge.

Where are you going to be when the ship has sailed?
Check out my friend Mike’s view of the world with his awesome shots !

Now do note that this advice is certainly for once you’ve thought about it hard and decided for yourself that this is something you want to do for you. Taking the jump is all you have to do to make the dream a reality – book the flight, leave the shitty job, apply for the dream job, message that girl, or jump off that ledge! Don’t think, you’ve already done that – the jump is what you want so it’s what you need. Your happiness is your priority.

Jump friends, you’ve got beautiful wings just waiting to be discovered!

Small scale or big scale this is something we encounter all the time and we need to work together to help each other find our happiness and stop doubting each other. Travelling, and adventuring may have clear jumps that are required, both figuratively and literally but some jumps are less obvious, but still need to be made! For all my blogger friends out there, I can guarantee you had some negative feedback when you threw the idea out of starting your blog. If you were like me you hesitated to even bring it up, because I knew.. to some it will just be another white girl travel blog. Once I put it out there though I was happy to find some of my friends were definitely on board with what I wanted to do. I was also then confident and sure of myself so thought nothing when some of the others were not so supportive. I had decided ages ago that this was what I really wanted and succeed or fail I was going for it. The jump for me was simply punching in those credit card details and committing officially to it. Don’t put off purchases though, if you know you’re going to get it whether it’s this week or need, just do it! Prices seem to only go up, especially with flights and hotels.

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Where will you be watching your next sunset from?

What we are is only a lead of faith from what we want to be.

Make the Jump.

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