How to Plan your next Trip

Beautiful Friends! For all you wonderful people that are following along you may have noticed I’ve been a little missing in action the past two weeks. Don’t you worry though; it was all research for you guys! How am I supposed to tell you about every place in the world to travel, if I haven’t ticked them all off myself?!

Since my last post I have had the most amazing time having my friend Kelsey visit Copenhagen, then visiting Manchester where she is now living and working! We had the most amazing weather and got to explore the beauty of Manchester’s  mash up of old and new architecture, and experience another one of the world’s finest accents – next to Danish of course.

THEN, two days upon my return my wonderful friend Madison made her arrival from Canada for her tourist days in Copenhagen. We then flew out to Faroe Islands, to visit the islands that have more sheep than people and not a single tree! Don’t let that paint a bad picture though because it is one of the most incredible places I have been to. Faroe Islands have the untouched feeling where people have not overtaken and the beauty of nature and its forces prevails. Made up of 18 islands, either connected by subsea roads or only accessible by boat or helicopter, makes this place appeal to nature lovers alike. A perfect blend of mountains and ocean make up these islands and they will make you never want to leave.

NOW, while I’m happy taking up anyone’s request to join them on a getaway, for lots of you out there, there’s a little more to it. Here’s my breakdown on PLANNING YOUR NEXT TRIP. These are the first steps to take to making your photo album more interesting than your Pinterest!


Let’s start with the BASICS! When, Where, Who, What, WHY?


If you never take the time, you’ll never go anywhere. Now it seems unless you’re a nurse then large weeks of open holidays won’t fall into your lap so if you are a full time worker WHEN is your first question and the first thing you need to address to get your next trip into planning. OPEN YOUR CALENDAR, do it now. Seriously. Do you have holidays booked and are just dreaming of the next adventure? Is there a slow period at work where it will be easier to take more time off? Do you have hundreds of hours of vacation pay but just feel like you just can’t leave the team? USE THEM. PLEASE. I have recently talked to a bunch of people that have insane amounts of vacation days available to them that they are simply not using or getting bought out for. TAKE YOUR VACATION DAYS; they’re there to keep you sane. You need to take a break, your mental health will thank you. Your work is literally funding your vacation. Use them.

                Once you’ve found a timeline for yourself, send in the vacation request and label in your phone VACATION, so you don’t make doctors appointments or routine things that will stop you from going away. Figuring out when is important as well to know HOW MANY DAYS DO YOU HAVE and WHAT TIME OF THE YEAR IS IT. If you only have 5 days off, you’re not taking a 24 hour flight each way and wasting your time on flights when there are vacation destinations much closer, and if its middle of January I don’t advise going somewhere where the weather isn’t what you want and the sightseeing spots are closed.


PULL OUT THE BUCKET LIST. Now if you’re anything like me the bucket list is every growing and I’ll take just about any excuse to add something new. FIRST you need to decide – do you want hot or cold? Are you running away from the winter blues, or are you dying to see the northern lights which are easiest to see in the winter months? If you plan to do a lot of hiking you may not want the hottest days of the year, meanwhile if you’re scuba diving you may want that water as warm as it can possibly be. NOW, sometimes I think we live in this fantasy world where we think only our country has seasons and that no matter what Florida will always be beach weather and Banff will always have unreal skiing. Unfortunately, other than the countries on the equator and the poles, most countries still have varying seasons. My current experience being in Copenhagen I have found that January is certainly not the best time to visit here. Being such an outdoorsy country the lack of flourishing plant life and the constant struggle between rain and snow doesn’t make for a magical holiday.  SO CHECK THE WEATHER. Another thing to look into is festivals around the world during your holiday period that could be unreal to visit, or things that will not be available much longer. One of my last trips was planned almost entirely due to the fact that 2018 was the last year you could go inside the Taj Mahal. While India was always on my bucket list, upon learning the time sensitive matter it flew up to the top and we made it October 2018 within the final months of it being open.


Who do you want to travel with? Girl’s trip? Relationship tester? Family get away? Who is important in your life and shares the same desire to get away – and can get the same vacation days as you. Find people that want to get the same out of the trip as you. Is this a destress holiday in a sunny paradise, or a hike across North America? Don’t drag a boyfriend that doesn’t want to be in the sun when you have a best friend that’s dying to get away for a beach vacation. Travel with people that will love the trip as much as you do and let it be there choice to come. NOW, if no one can come with you, consider going alone. While this may not seem like your style, I have outgoing wonderful friends that chose to travel alone and have met so many new friends along the way. When you are the only brain in the planning you get the chance to everything you want to do and don’t have to worry about people with different desires or budgets.


What are you going to do? Is this the trip to finally cross swimming with sharks off the bucket list? Do you want to hike, bike, swim, ski or sleep? Do you want to learn how to slow down and embrace meditation and the beautiful Hindu culture of India, or are you dying to catch the perfect wave in Australia? Fast paced, slow paced, expensive or cheap, figure out what the big thing you want to do on the trip is. We travel for ourselves, but isn’t it great coming back with some wicked stories? What will yours be?


Why have you read all the way down to here? You must be considering travelling so ask yourself why. You can also ask yourself WHY NOT. What is stopping you from travelling, while we can all say our bank accounts, I don’t buy that those people only have money that’s stopping them – because money can be made and saved and you don’t need as much as you think you do to travel. If you’re making excuses to yourself or others, look deep and see if they’re all that’s stopping you. For every minute you’re not booking, the flights are going up, so stop contemplating. If you know this is something you need and want, then book now and never look back!  

Don’t call it a Dream, call is a Plan!

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