A Rainy Day in Amsterdam

A Rainy Day in Amsterdam

When we are going on vacation, our excitement and happiness leads us to think that the weather will always be on our side, broadcasting our feelings to the universe. We are there so the sun will shine, the birds will sing, the picturesque famous places and things will have no crowds and the perfect lighting for all our pictures and moments smiling for each and every social media platform we are part of.

Unfortunately, mother nature is not so kind and many of my travels have involved rainy afternoons, thunderstorms that close places down and heat so smoldering you barely want to be anywhere but the sea. Our day in Amsterdam unfortunately was not blessed with our desired weather and we found ourselves with a day full of plans with biking as our chosen mode of transportation… and rain in the forecast.

BUT, we actually had an amazing day and with only a few changes to the original plan, it will still go down as an amazing day in Amsterdam:

5 Things we did on our Rainy day in Amsterdam

  • Walked: Amsterdam has some pretty spectacular bike lanes, and for those living there travelling by bike is definitely the main type of transport – but for tourists, taking a bike can sometimes cause you to race past buildings and statues worth taking a second glance at. Especially on a rainy day, where your hood would be tightly on and the rain would be darting into your face.. walking was the way to go. We found ourselves an umbrella and got to really take in the beauty of everywhere we went. The canals scattered with bikes made for all the bike photos we could dream of, while avoiding the hazard the rain would cause. We actually walked over an hour to go from central station all the way down to the Van Gogh museum, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
  • Amsterdam Central Station: We were staying just outside of Amsterdam in an adorable town named Leiden, so we took the train into Amsterdam, arriving in the beautiful building that is Amsterdam Central station. Immediately outside you are welcomed with the famous canals of Netherlands and the flat sided houses and beautiful detailed European buildings. From central station you can get just about everywhere in Amsterdam, as well as take the train to anywhere in Netherlands! A great starting point for the day.
  • Anne Frank House: If you want to include some history in your trip, the Anne Frank House will provide you with a heartbreaking story of WWII and the life of a Jew while Hitler was in power. Being from Canada, with such a young country, we learn very little on the impacts of the war on the people living and breathing during that time. Museums like this throughout Europe give you a history lesson better than any classroom will. It was also conveniently on the way to the Van Gogh museum providing a great stop on the way. (On our particular trip the line up was insane and we did not go through it, however I have since visited similar ones in Berlin and had many friends inform me it’s worth the visit)
  • Van Gogh Museum: For an outdoor adventurist like myself, a rainy day is the perfect thing to pull me into the museums, that perhaps would be lower down on my list if the weather was nicer. Spending 2-6 hours indoor on a beautiful day can sometimes be a shame, but on a rainy day, sign me up! The Van Gogh museum is not to be missed if you’re in Amsterdam. Such an interesting backstory as well as some very famous, extraordinary art. The museum is set up beautifully and I did not find it too long nor did it drag out – perfect blend of interesting history and beautiful art projecting the struggles Vincent Van Gogh encountered throughout his life. You can also find Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Musum Amsterdam adjacent to the Van Gogh museum, which I have heard are also amazing, however did not get to experience myself. We were able to snap a shot on the Iamsterdam sign behind the museum as well – but it has since been removed end of 2018.
  • Restaurants and Cafe’s: It wouldn’t be a trip to Netherlands without some CHEESE. From the Brie in our morning sandwiches to the Gouda with.. everything? Europe has found a perfect blend of cheap alcohol prices mixed with inexpensive cheese to set us up with nothing but hangovers and lactose intolerance to worry about ! There’s not a processed – much too orange – cheese in sight, just smelly cheese with crackers and bread or fruit and marmalade to eat until you’re ill. Amsterdam is also not complete without a slightly sketchy, yet tourist filled and questionably acceptable visit to the Red Light District. I will warn you now, the cafes in Amsterdam.. are not selling your morning coffee and pastries. We actually struggled to find a Cafe where pastries could be bought, but yet passed many cafe’s full of more hash than I knew existed. It was sold similar to the way I would buy tea, with different strands and mixtures with varying smells and effects. The whole red light district was an interesting culture difference than our own and a place worth checking out… as long as you’re not with your kids or grandparents.

So don’t let bad weather stop you from doing what you want in Amsterdam! Alter plans slightly or change days if you need but take advantage of the indoor activities available as there are many.

Those who say only sunshine brings happiness have never danced in the rain

Learning Through Travel

Learning Through Travel

Do you remember those, seemingly countless, moments through school where you wondered where you’re ever going to use this information in real life. In ninth grade I remember asking a friend where Japan was, a day before my geography exam, and them not knowing either. I did not see the value of geography and history, and very much thrived and prioritized sciences and math as I could see why those were important. If you know anything about me you know I like to travel and therefore in one sense geography has become my most used knowledge, in which almost all the knowledge was acquired post graduation. Moreover, history is something that I now go out of my way to learn more about and I can now see the significance of knowing as much as possible about it. History of my country, history of other countries and history of the world – what was done right and should continue, as well as what was done wrong and should never repeat itself. Make a mistake once, shame on that, make a mistake twice, shame on you. We must teach our children, and their children, and their children after that the history we have learned, especially the things done wrong. As they never have the chance to fix things if they’re making all the mistakes we’ve already made. The knowledge is there, the real life testing – resulting in the lives of millions is there, and the results are in. We just need to spread it. I have learned an insane amount of information through travel that I truly believe I never would have learned if I didn’t leave Canada. European history surpasses Canadian history by thousands of years, and they’ve had many more actions and reactions that we can learn from. History doesn’t need to repeat itself in order for people to step up.

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils

Hector Berlioz

One of my first realizations that I knew very little about even World War history was on my trip to Budapest. I remember walking down the riverside and seeing a series of little shoes lined up all on the rivers edge. My first thought was on how cute it looked and how there were children’s shoes, and old men’s shoes, as well as dancing shoes and fancy shoes. I then made my way down all the shoes and found a plaque at the end. The shoes are a memorial of the Jews killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen during World War II. I was shook as I had no idea that Budapest was involved in the war whatsoever as the Canadian history curriculum was very limited to the Germans, the French, a little bit of Netherlands and of course the Canadian and Americans coming in to help end the war. The reality of the WORLD WAR and how everyone was affected, and how so many countries still are greatly affected is something that should not be forgotten.

  My trip to Germany three weeks ago was a huge smack in the face on the repercussions of not being involved in your countries politics, as well as the insane power of manipulation and the things people will do to be on the more powerful team. Hitler was elected in, fair and square, no doubts about it. People were taught to treat other people like animals, and did everything they could to kill them with the least amount of guilt. We visited a concentration camp just north of Berlin, where we saw the grounds where thousands of people, dressed and shaved to take away their humanity and make them less personable, were beaten and killed by people who convinced themselves they were the good guys, getting rid of the bad guys. I walked through a bunker, where my feet were killing me from the dense pavement after walking around for mere hours, and realizing the reality of the lives of those that lived in the bunker for fear of their lives during the war. The bunker went through a museum called Hitler. How did it happen? As we think that with educated people in the world how could such a terrible person get into a spot of that much power. Yet it all made sense, a little charm, a little trickery and next thing you know.

Of course, not all history is as depressing as the World Wars, some are beautiful and leave behind beautiful museums, cathedrals and Castles that remain. Some history follows the fight to Women’s rights and the steps towards the end of racism and homophobia. While I still believe the world has a long way to go to have Peace, we’ve done a lot of things good, and we are learning more with every generation. Through Travel and Education and spreading the beautiful and tragic things we find in the world we can help to create a future of Peace and Sustainability for our children and grandchildren and so forth. I enjoy being a small speck in this beautiful world and I think it’s important to remember that not one of us being perfect can change things, but all of us doing little things to better the world will ultimately lead to a beautiful future!

  The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill and the willingness to learn is a choice. Choose wisely my friends!

It’s not Bad Weather

It’s not Bad Weather


This is a classic Danish line. Much opposite to the Brits, Danes dislike ever giving the weather bad credit, as it is what it is and you simply need to adjust accordingly. I once spoke to a woman after a terribly rainy weekend and brought up the weather, naturally, as that is the main focus of my small talk. She retaliated with informing me of the importance of fresh air and told me she took her children to the beach. She simply wrapped them up and then they went and threw stones in the ocean. While that sounds lovely in theory, all I could picture was two children wrapped up in marshmallow snowsuits, having to throw the rocks in with straight arms as their arms would not bend with the amount of layers they had on. I will have to remember to take a walk to the beach next rainy day just to see if my predictions are correct, as I am certain she is not the only Danish mother doing this with her children.

Now, more to the point of this post – PACKING. The struggle to pack can sometimes have people leaving it to the very last minute then stressing as they throw insane amounts of clothes they will not wear in a bag that’s much too big for the amount of time they are spending away from home.

I have a permanent packing list on my phone, and most of my toiletries bags are simply travel bags ready to go – whose surprised? I find the list to be quite universal however, with only small changes needed each time, and I’ve sent the list to others to help them back as it covers the essentials that should not be forgotten. Depending on the occasion and the destination some items will have to be altered, but this should help start you out!


Read your baggage allowance prior to packing

No liquids over 100ml in your carry on – and have all liquids in a transparent baggy

No sharps or firearms (come on guys)

No explosives (Don’t joke around at the airport about it)

Check the weather before you go and pack accordingly, winter gear will take up much more space in your bag but remember you can wear a good amount of it on the plane to save space in your luggage – big things being winter coat and boots.

If you’re going somewhere hot then a light sweater and one pair of averagely warm pants should all you have for warm stuff – don’t waste your space.

If you’re going for more than a week, only pack for a week, if you’re going for more than a month, pack for two weeks. Any amount under a week you can pack for every day but only have one outfit per day – simply bring extra underwear and socks


Traveling under a week = pack one outfit per day only

Traveling for 1 week – 3 weeks = only pack a week worth of clothing

Traveling for 4 weeks + = only pack for two weeks’ worth of clothing

Packing list:

  • Passport (and Copy of Passport/drivers license)
  • Paperwork – visa – vaccination form (have everything printed – sorry trees, but phones die and get lost)
  • Phone chargers/cords (Don’t bring broken cords, buy a new one if needed)
  • Back up battery pack (and the charger associated with them)
  • Socks / underwear (don’t want to forget these – EXTRA socks if you’re hiking or if it’s cold)
  • Jewelry & Make Up (don’t bring anything you’re not willing to lose, and only the bare minimum)
  • Bathing suit (depends where you’re going but seems to be high on the forgot list for people)
  • Pillow (optional- If you want a plane pillow, buy before the airport)
  • Plane snacks (All airlines allow you to bring food and snacks on the plane – WAY CHEAPER)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, etc)
  • Mouthwash (depending where you’re going there is not always safe water)
  • Hand sanitizer & baby wipes (essential – everything is dirty)
  • Razor (depending how long you’re going for – disposable razors are allowed in your carry on)
  • Hair brush and ties, oil & dry shampoo (bring what you would use on a daily basis at home)
  • Shampoo/conditioner (little – remember nothing over 100ml in your carry-on)
  • Cream (Hand, face cream, after sun cream – in different climates you may find your skin is dry)
  • Small first aid kit (band aids, medical cream, after bite, ibuprofen, Imodium)
  • Pills (vitamins, prescriptions etc. don’t forget puffers or any medication you could need)
  • Shoes (remember these take up tons of space – other than flip flops, so choose wisely)
  • Rain jacket (I have this amazing one that rolls up into nothing – couldn’t recommend it enough)
  • Water bottle (Fill once you’re PAST security)
  • Headphones (for the plane and general life)
  • Purse (handbag or small backpack for everyday use)
  • Laptop/case/cord (If needed, have it accessible as you’ll need to take it out at security)
  • Adapters (Know which adapters are needed for the country you’re travelling to – essential to have at least one prior to arriving, universal ones are great)

Start packing about a week before you go to give yourself time to remember things and to see what you use on a daily basis and what you don’t. Check the weather but use the wise words of the Danes and don’t get bummed out if the weather isn’t calling for all sunshine, just wear the right clothing and take whatever comes your way.

While I know most of the Danes speak of this quote quite literally I like the think it also has a beautiful metaphorical sense that is worth remembering for those stressful days of travelling – or simply life!

It’s not bad weather you’re just wearing the wrong clothing

Remember my beautiful friends, you must find peace with what’s happening around you and adjust. For the things we cannot change – death or new life, rain or snow, natural disasters or financial downfalls – sometimes in life we have to recognize that we can change ourselves – our current form or clothing, in order to adjust to what’s around us and make peace with it. We must prioritize our mental health but recognize things will happen beyond our control and once they have happened, sometimes there is nothing, but ourselves and our clothing that we can change. Sometimes life will hit us with a hail storm when we’re only 5 minutes into a 30 minute bike to work, but giving up and sitting on the street will only leave us more wet.

“Wear Sunscreen”

My father showed me this song and I remember having it on my Ipod when I was 12 but writing this post made me think of it, and hearing the song again I feel like there is lots of advice in it that perhaps helped to make me who I am, and still helps me to become a better person today. I am great full for things like this that he left for me to think of all the life lessons he had for me and happy I can share it with any of you reading this.


How to Plan your next Trip

How to Plan your next Trip

Beautiful Friends! For all you wonderful people that are following along you may have noticed I’ve been a little missing in action the past two weeks. Don’t you worry though; it was all research for you guys! How am I supposed to tell you about every place in the world to travel, if I haven’t ticked them all off myself?!

Since my last post I have had the most amazing time having my friend Kelsey visit Copenhagen, then visiting Manchester where she is now living and working! We had the most amazing weather and got to explore the beauty of Manchester’s  mash up of old and new architecture, and experience another one of the world’s finest accents – next to Danish of course.

THEN, two days upon my return my wonderful friend Madison made her arrival from Canada for her tourist days in Copenhagen. We then flew out to Faroe Islands, to visit the islands that have more sheep than people and not a single tree! Don’t let that paint a bad picture though because it is one of the most incredible places I have been to. Faroe Islands have the untouched feeling where people have not overtaken and the beauty of nature and its forces prevails. Made up of 18 islands, either connected by subsea roads or only accessible by boat or helicopter, makes this place appeal to nature lovers alike. A perfect blend of mountains and ocean make up these islands and they will make you never want to leave.

NOW, while I’m happy taking up anyone’s request to join them on a getaway, for lots of you out there, there’s a little more to it. Here’s my breakdown on PLANNING YOUR NEXT TRIP. These are the first steps to take to making your photo album more interesting than your Pinterest!


Let’s start with the BASICS! When, Where, Who, What, WHY?


If you never take the time, you’ll never go anywhere. Now it seems unless you’re a nurse then large weeks of open holidays won’t fall into your lap so if you are a full time worker WHEN is your first question and the first thing you need to address to get your next trip into planning. OPEN YOUR CALENDAR, do it now. Seriously. Do you have holidays booked and are just dreaming of the next adventure? Is there a slow period at work where it will be easier to take more time off? Do you have hundreds of hours of vacation pay but just feel like you just can’t leave the team? USE THEM. PLEASE. I have recently talked to a bunch of people that have insane amounts of vacation days available to them that they are simply not using or getting bought out for. TAKE YOUR VACATION DAYS; they’re there to keep you sane. You need to take a break, your mental health will thank you. Your work is literally funding your vacation. Use them.

                Once you’ve found a timeline for yourself, send in the vacation request and label in your phone VACATION, so you don’t make doctors appointments or routine things that will stop you from going away. Figuring out when is important as well to know HOW MANY DAYS DO YOU HAVE and WHAT TIME OF THE YEAR IS IT. If you only have 5 days off, you’re not taking a 24 hour flight each way and wasting your time on flights when there are vacation destinations much closer, and if its middle of January I don’t advise going somewhere where the weather isn’t what you want and the sightseeing spots are closed.


PULL OUT THE BUCKET LIST. Now if you’re anything like me the bucket list is every growing and I’ll take just about any excuse to add something new. FIRST you need to decide – do you want hot or cold? Are you running away from the winter blues, or are you dying to see the northern lights which are easiest to see in the winter months? If you plan to do a lot of hiking you may not want the hottest days of the year, meanwhile if you’re scuba diving you may want that water as warm as it can possibly be. NOW, sometimes I think we live in this fantasy world where we think only our country has seasons and that no matter what Florida will always be beach weather and Banff will always have unreal skiing. Unfortunately, other than the countries on the equator and the poles, most countries still have varying seasons. My current experience being in Copenhagen I have found that January is certainly not the best time to visit here. Being such an outdoorsy country the lack of flourishing plant life and the constant struggle between rain and snow doesn’t make for a magical holiday.  SO CHECK THE WEATHER. Another thing to look into is festivals around the world during your holiday period that could be unreal to visit, or things that will not be available much longer. One of my last trips was planned almost entirely due to the fact that 2018 was the last year you could go inside the Taj Mahal. While India was always on my bucket list, upon learning the time sensitive matter it flew up to the top and we made it October 2018 within the final months of it being open.


Who do you want to travel with? Girl’s trip? Relationship tester? Family get away? Who is important in your life and shares the same desire to get away – and can get the same vacation days as you. Find people that want to get the same out of the trip as you. Is this a destress holiday in a sunny paradise, or a hike across North America? Don’t drag a boyfriend that doesn’t want to be in the sun when you have a best friend that’s dying to get away for a beach vacation. Travel with people that will love the trip as much as you do and let it be there choice to come. NOW, if no one can come with you, consider going alone. While this may not seem like your style, I have outgoing wonderful friends that chose to travel alone and have met so many new friends along the way. When you are the only brain in the planning you get the chance to everything you want to do and don’t have to worry about people with different desires or budgets.


What are you going to do? Is this the trip to finally cross swimming with sharks off the bucket list? Do you want to hike, bike, swim, ski or sleep? Do you want to learn how to slow down and embrace meditation and the beautiful Hindu culture of India, or are you dying to catch the perfect wave in Australia? Fast paced, slow paced, expensive or cheap, figure out what the big thing you want to do on the trip is. We travel for ourselves, but isn’t it great coming back with some wicked stories? What will yours be?


Why have you read all the way down to here? You must be considering travelling so ask yourself why. You can also ask yourself WHY NOT. What is stopping you from travelling, while we can all say our bank accounts, I don’t buy that those people only have money that’s stopping them – because money can be made and saved and you don’t need as much as you think you do to travel. If you’re making excuses to yourself or others, look deep and see if they’re all that’s stopping you. For every minute you’re not booking, the flights are going up, so stop contemplating. If you know this is something you need and want, then book now and never look back!  

Don’t call it a Dream, call is a Plan!

Don’t Think, Just Jump!

Don’t Think, Just Jump!

Advice given to me while standing on a ledge much to high to be jumping off of, tied up like a tether ball to a structure I now relied my life on. In Cains, Australia I experienced my first bungee jump and I don’t have a single regret !

I recall that day for its excitement and adrenaline but when I think hard about it I questioned my decision to do it and there was definitely a level of fear leading up to and certainly the seconds before the jump. Following your passion and your heart can feel a lot like jumping off that tower. Leading up to it people will be excited for you, but there’s always those few thoughts of your and others that will throw doubt and fear into you. There are risks with what you’re doing, there are risks with leaving your house every day. You know that. To wake up and take the risk of getting hurt in a car crash on your way to a job you’ve never liked and never will like seems like a much more pointless risk than taking the risks for a chance to find yourself, find love of the world or it’s people and find your happiness. If you’re not going to get anything out of the risk, don’t take it. If it’s the only way you’re going to fulfill your dreams, then better get your ass on that ledge.

Where are you going to be when the ship has sailed?
Check out my friend Mike’s view of the world with his awesome shots ! https://www.instagram.com/in_a_flash95/

Now do note that this advice is certainly for once you’ve thought about it hard and decided for yourself that this is something you want to do for you. Taking the jump is all you have to do to make the dream a reality – book the flight, leave the shitty job, apply for the dream job, message that girl, or jump off that ledge! Don’t think, you’ve already done that – the jump is what you want so it’s what you need. Your happiness is your priority.

Jump friends, you’ve got beautiful wings just waiting to be discovered!

Small scale or big scale this is something we encounter all the time and we need to work together to help each other find our happiness and stop doubting each other. Travelling, and adventuring may have clear jumps that are required, both figuratively and literally but some jumps are less obvious, but still need to be made! For all my blogger friends out there, I can guarantee you had some negative feedback when you threw the idea out of starting your blog. If you were like me you hesitated to even bring it up, because I knew.. to some it will just be another white girl travel blog. Once I put it out there though I was happy to find some of my friends were definitely on board with what I wanted to do. I was also then confident and sure of myself so thought nothing when some of the others were not so supportive. I had decided ages ago that this was what I really wanted and succeed or fail I was going for it. The jump for me was simply punching in those credit card details and committing officially to it. Don’t put off purchases though, if you know you’re going to get it whether it’s this week or need, just do it! Prices seem to only go up, especially with flights and hotels.

MONEY: If money is a concern for booking your next trip, use this link to save $45 CAD off your trip of $95 CAD or more! Almost half price my friends 😀 only valid if you don’t already have an airbnb account though! Sign up with another email to relish in the money !

Where will you be watching your next sunset from?

What we are is only a lead of faith from what we want to be.

Make the Jump.

How to NOT be a STUPID white girl… when Travelling

How to NOT be a STUPID white girl… when Travelling

This is a list of how to be a smart traveler; not be naive or make stupid mistakes when travelling. This is not directed specifically at white females but more at the mistakes we make that are associated with the stereotype of our messed up society that white girls are ‘unintelligent.’ In saying that some of my bravest and most confident travelling friends are female solo travelers, so this is for EVERYONE, and it is to HELP, not to insult. If you’re travelling anywhere these are worth the read!

1. Don’t Shout Tourist – literally or figuratively

Growing up I was always told that as a Canadian, my country is so loved that scattering Canadian signs and symbols across my luggage and body would only make people treat me better when travelling, but that is not always the case. If you are simply travelling to explore the country and adventure in a new place my best advice is to blend. The more attention you bring to yourself the more people are attracted to you, and being a tourist they will assume you have money, and that it is on your person. Not only for safety though, if you dress to your own culture it may be very disrespectful in theirs and you will not be treated as well.

2. Research the area you are Travelling to

To some it may come to a surprise that laws and way of life can be insanely different from country to country. Before travelling you need to do some research. Start with the little things like which wall plugs they use so you can buy the appropriate adapters and checking the weather for the specific season you’re going so you can pack appropriately. If you’re going to be driving make sure to look up road rules and road signs and their meanings. Also take a bit to look up laws you should know, some countries may take J-walking a lot more seriously or little things that your country doesn’t seem to mind. Australia, for example, has HUGE fines for speeding and speed cameras all over. Wish I knew that earlier.

3. Check on your Health

Nobody wants a medical emergency while travelling. Medical insurance is a nightmare to deal with and often you are paying everything up front just to hope that you get some of it back later. Moreover, many countries have bacteria and virus’ that other countries may not have therefore visitors may need vaccinations to protect themselves from such. Hepatitis A is a big one for travelling Canadians, however it is good to note once you have it, you’re good for most other travels to less developed countries. If you’re going to India, Africa, South America etc you will have many more and be sure to give yourself a good amount of time as some need booster shots in upcoming weeks before you go.

4. Research Currency and Prices

Almost every country has a different currency and will NOT accept your home country cash. Look into the currency of the country you’re travelling to and look up the best way to get cash in that currency. Currency exchanges in your current country will carry most currencies but may need to order it in so make sure to check on this. Compare fees from the bank and currency exchange or look if its better to get in when you arrive in the country as the airport will always have a currency exchange. Once you get your cash, differentiate the coins and bills as this can be important to make sure you’re getting the correct change when paying for things. Know the exchange rate. As you walk around you will start to get an idea on how much things cost in the country you are travelling in however you should know what that is in your own currency as well. If there is a standard fee on fruit or bread you may simply assume its reasonable however that is not always the case. When traveling to Czech Republic we found that most of the fruit and vegetables were outrageously priced, however we could have a steak dinner for cheap. We could then eat accordingly to our budget. Looking up the average prices of meals, activities, transport etc this will help you to plan your budget and not get ripped off.

5. Connect with other Travelers

If you are staying in hostels then this will be very easy as expats both run and stay there and will be filled with information, and generally pretty happy to share where they’ve been. Someone with experience in the area as a traveler will know the exact ways people have tried, or succeeded to scam them, and how you can avoid it. They will also have visited some of the tourist destinations and hopefully will have input on the ones worth checking out or perhaps suggest one’s you have not thought of yet. For people not staying in hostels, you can try to connect with people by simply listening for your language. If you’re in a country that does not primarily speak English, generally when you hear English you can assume they are a traveler – even if they’re not they are someone you can speak with to get tips or help.

6. Know where you are

While this may seem like a given, it is easy to get lost in a place you’re unfamiliar with and lacks English. This expands to when you go on tours or excursions, ensuring you know whether you’ve gone north or south, how far out of the city you’ve gone and which direction you take to get back. Buying a paper map is a good idea, and there is a phenomenal app called maps.me where you can download a country/area and it will guide you with it even when you don’t have service or internet. Phones die though, so paper map on top of that is your safest way. Most phones do have a built in map and if you put in your desired location and click GO while in wifi the little man (‘your location’ dot) will follow you and guide you to your destination. Do note this isn’t the most reliable thing as the lag between where you are and where you were can sometimes have you walking in circles – as I’ve learned the hard way. Take turns being the navigator so the pressure isn’t always on one person, and laugh about missed turns, don’t make it more stressful for your group.

We struggled hard getting here ^ but we stayed oriented to get there and back!
7. Haggle – Try not to overpay

Most tourist areas will raise their prices to get the most from you. Try to stick to buying things from stores that have posted prices on things as you know you’re not being overcharged in them. In saying that sometimes the best stuff, for the cheapest prices are in the street shops and markets and don’t be afraid to check them out as lots of things are hand crafted and absolutely beautiful. You can be pretty sure, however, that these are the people that will attempt to overcharge you, but being quite desperate for your business they will almost always lower the price. Try to have a reasonable price in your head on what you want to pay for what and try to get it as close to that as you can. Be confident in what you want and what you’re willing to pay for it. If its the first price they throw at you and you’re happy with it then take it, other times you may have to walk away to get the best price. Even then some entrepreneurs know their product is worth more and therefore there has been many times that I’ve walked away, realized that was the lowest they would go, then returned because I really wanted the item – no harm in that either.

8. Be SMART with your money

Don’t keep all your cash in one giant wad that you flaunt every time you go to pay for something. Separate your cash into two or three piles, and keep them in safe places. When going out try to have one spot that you keep your “spend today” money and that is all that anyone else should see. I wear a money belt when travelling but that is not what I’ll take my daily money out of. Bringing a purse is perfectly fine, it looks more normal to carry one anyways, but watch for pickpockets in crowded tourist areas. Purses can be cut right off you without you noticing a thing. I am happy to say with all my travelling I have never had anything of value stolen or been put in any scary situation where someone is trying to take my money. I like to think that I’ve been more than just lucky and that due to my style of travelling I have not made myself an easy target.

9. Don’t Trust ANYONE

It’s not personal, it’s business. Often times when people scam you or steal from you they aren’t meaning to put you out but rather they believe they need it more than you. We’ve probably all been there. Whether it’s stealing change from your parents dresser or a pencil from a friend because you forgot yours, you don’t want to put them out you simply want to have it for your own advantage. Don’t make yourself an easy target. Hostels specifically can feel so friendly and welcoming that you may feel as though you don’t need to lock up your bags or your things but this is not the case. Travelers are sometimes the most desperate of all people and if you leave things lying around that they need, even the kindest of people will take advantage of the opportunity to help themselves. Help each other out and adventure far and wide, but don’t leave money lying around, don’t leave bags or purses unattended and don’t trust people to pay you back later or return things you lend them when travelling. You don’t know these people, you don’t know where they live or how to follow up if they don’t return. People do things when travelling that they would never have the guts to do at home. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the saying What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas that people are consistently changing around to suit their current trip. While this has many – not so appealing – implications, people aren’t necessarily the same people when they’re travelling, and desperate people especially will think of themselves before you, can you really blame them?

10. Know what you want from the Trip

Travel with purpose. You are doing it, whether you’ve examined it or not, no one books a trip for no reason, throws money to the world for the fun of it. Take a look at why you’ve made your decision to travel to this specific place. For many it is simply to relieve their stress – get away from the 9-5 lifestyle for a minute. Others are on a self journey to find themselves, or forget someone else. Maybe you simply thrive from the adrenaline and excitement of seeing things that others haven’t. Take a minute to know why you’re travelling and keep that with you during the trip so that you achieve it! Things will go wrong in trips, no trip goes exactly as planned – but if you’ve achieved your goal of the trip, then you’ll forget everything that went wrong and it will be worth every penny you spent.

I think I’m happiest at the tops of Mountains
Mt Fernie Ridge 7251 ft

Why do you Travel?

Share with me the reasons you want to travel, and/or where you want to go! I would love to hear from you all!

Be More than a Tourist

Tips for being a traveler!

Do you want to always have the next trip planned, live life working in many different countries, houses and have friends from all over the world?

Be more than a tourist or vacationer, with these tips you can start to break out from the things that are locking you into your daily routine and stopping you from booking the next flight to wherever the dart lands !

  1.  Avoid monthly payments and contracts: 

As I paid hundreds of dollars each month to my Canadian landlord while I was thousands of miles away in Australia I realized I made a mistake. If you want to travel long term try to have a home base – preferably free – for the short returns to your home town and a place to keep any larger items/furniture you’ve got to your name. Parents or close friends are perfect for this, if you’re anything like me than signing a lease wont stop you from jumping on the next plane when opportunity arises, it simply means it loses you a lot more money. While a rental agreement seems like the big one, and maybe more obvious, one that all you millennial’s need to think of is the phone plans. Buying your phones outright are much more money upfront but having them unlocked from your provider and plan will make your phone as free as you’re soon to be.

2. No Pets

They say pets have more compassion in them than most humans, and while I believe that to be true, as a traveler they make everything more difficult. If you’re planning to do international travelling having a pet will make accommodation and transport limited and more expensive. My best advice is to take on the role of doggy aunt/uncle to your favourite fur ball and let someone else be tied down by them. Don’t worry about missing your animal friends as travelling gives you endless opportunities to meet all the animals of your wildest dreams – at a safe distance of course. I’ve played with monkeys and camels in India, watched bison’s butt heads in America, grizzly bears take care of their cubs in Canada, Sea turtles and manta rays swim through the South Pacific, and cuddled with koalas and kangaroos in the great down under.

3. Drop your strong beliefs

This may seem extreme, possibly even rude, but let me explain. The world is an incredible place and each country, religion, culture etc has faced their battle in order to survive. Some of these battle are of course the ones we learn about in school, those of the great world wars and poverty, others battle with mother nature to even exist. Indonesia is currently facing their fifth major natural disaster this year, and faces volcano eruptions, earthquakes and tsunami’s annually. Religions have faced their own struggle surviving in an ever changing cultural world, and being tainted with negative practicing cults and terrorist groups. As a traveler you can learn more than school will ever teach you when it comes to history, and it is a beautiful thing to discover. Your part in all this is to go in with an open mind, listen and respect other peoples cultures and religions and be aware that it is very important to them. You can have your beliefs, but do not push them on others or try to change people to your western ways. This expands to accepting that 58 countries still practice polygamy, over 5 major religions support animal sacrifice rituals, and the fact that women continue to fight for major rights; it wasn’t until this June, 2018, that women in Saudi Arabia could legally drive. You don’t have to agree with others, nor conform but keep your mouth shut, let them live their lives as you live yours as you choose.

4. Don’t date a homebody

I have no intention of breaking anyone up but if you’re planning to travel long term it is essential you look at your relationships. If you’re in a relationship, keep an open conversation about your need to travel and your long term desires to see the world. If you are dating a homebody and this is all clear then in an unfortunate but ideal world you will both come to the terms that dating will not work at this time. If your significant other is consistently telling you not to drop your responsibilities and has a well-established life that they would like you to fit in, in a fixed location, run. Trying to do long distance while you explore the world and they realm in the “adventure” of Netflix is exhausting and will not last. Every day you will find time to talk but you’ll find yourself toning down just how great the world is as its overwhelming when your partners only updates are about their bosses new shirt on casual Friday or about a new dance they’ve unlocked on Fortnight. Now don’t get me wrong, once upon a time a homebody was looked at poorly, but now in the age of technology, Netflix and chill is considered a hobby and the world of gaming and youtubing is a profitable business, homebodies are running the world. However, if you want to book the next flight to Africa and have dreams of reaching Antarctica or have seriously debating climbing to one of mt Everest’s base camps than my best advice is to have all the homebody friends your heart desires, but don’t try to complicate your travels with dating them.

5. Stop Planning

Seriously. Stop. Travelling long term means there are thousands of opportunities for your plans to be ruined. My solution.. have less plans. Choose your destination, find out where you’ll stay when you get there, how long you THINK you’ll be there and what transportation options are available to you. Do NOT book your bus from the airport, flights get delayed all the time, do not pre-book your transportation to your next location, you may want to stay longer or shorter than you thought and do not book every hostel or hotel months in advance as once you’re there people will be full of information and you will learn yourself which type of accommodation you prefer. Things will go wrong, they always do, try to look at the silver lining and keep stress levels low. Especially when travelling with friends try to be positive and don’t feed off each other’s stress or no one will be happy. Laugh at the things you can’t change, take late trains or buses as excuses to soak up a little more of your current destination, dance in the rain even if inevitably you’re lost or running through fields to get the last boat off the island, and be confident that it will all be okay. Seriously, you got this.

Over planning kills magic!

Feel free to give me a message for any help getting through the pre-stages of your new life of adventure!