The backstory…

“Life is too short not to pretend you’re magnificent” -Atticus


My name is Emily Bassett and I am a Canadian adventurer, animal lover, Starbucks drinking typical white girl. So to some… yes this is just another stupid white girl blog. My family and all the animals I follow on Instagram seem to like my posts though, so figured I would share my adventures with all of you internet crazed humans of today’s generation and hopefully help some of you to travel or follow your passion like I have, ignore the pressures of society, and feel free to follow your dreams.

To get a little back story on me, I am 24 years old, worked my ass off through university, graduated with an honors Bachelor of Science for Forensic Science, pulled off a biology specialization on top of that and I was completely debt free just 1 year post graduation.

After graduation I booked a trip to Europe, without consulting anyone except my travel buddy, and there was no looking back. I had many people telling me it was a poor decision to just “drop all my responsibilities for a whole month” but with the non-refundable flights booked there was no changing my plan.            

When I returned from our backpacking expedition I applied for forensic jobs, as I “should” but couldn’t stop myself from applying to travel jobs all around the world, and left the decision to fate. Sure enough 2 months later I was boarding an all-expense paid flight solo to Australia for work on a cruise ship that tours the South Pacific. That began my life of work and travel and I don’t have a single regret.

            I have now been to 14 different countries, 4 continents, lived in 9 different houses and made countless friends around the world. I have now arrived in Copenhagen, my 15th country and the beginning of a new adventure.

So… the plan for this blog is to share how I travel, for cheap and stay on budget, find work in each new country and how I’ve learned to travel with minimal stress, with nothing more than a carry-on bag and how to be courageous to follow your passion – even when it means going against what people think you should be doing.

  I will share my previous, current and future travels as well as tips I have picked up! I have made a timeline for everywhere I’ve been since starting the blog! For anyone still reading this, I will be sure to hook you all up with travel discounts and honest reviews of everywhere I go. Stay wild friends.

Copenhagen, Denmark is where I’m at today.

Where are you at?